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Hard Money Lenders Phoenix, Hard Money Financing Phoenix, Arizona

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Hilton Financial Corporation Top rated hard money / private money lenders in Phoenix. We can close in 24 hours! Get Funded Today (602) 375-8951. Specializes in Hard Money Lenders Phoenix, AZ, Hard Money Loans and Fix and Flip Loans in Arizona. Hilton Financial Corporation (HFC) is your preferred hard money private money lenders in Phoenix, AZ. We provide the best real estate hard money loans options in Phoenix, AZ. Our smart lending solutions including investing options and private lending allow our clients to create sustainable investments that give profits in the long term.

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Hard Money Lenders Arizona - Private Money Loans in Phoenix, Arizona

Hard money lenders Arizona

Hilton Financial Corporation has helped hundreds of borrowers, real estate professionals and mortgage brokers to secure the financing they need to achieve their financial goals with our Phoenix hard money loans. Experienced & Top rated hard money lenders Phoenix, our track record of funding transactions throughout Arizona since 1980. Hilton Financial Corporation has earned the reputation of being a premier hard money lenders Arizona. The Fund will provide strong Investor returns on safe, conservative Real Estate investments primarily in the state of Arizona. Our real estate secured loans are made to builders, developers, business entities and consumers.

As a direct hard money lender in Phoenix, our track record of funding residential and commercial transactions throughout Arizona is solid and we have the experience to get loans funded. From the capital of Phoenix to all surrounding areas, we know the Arizona real estate market and can help.

What is a hard money loan?

Hilton Financial Corporation – Hard money loans Phoenix, Arizona. A hard money loan is a short term loan, secured by an investment property (i.e., one used for business purposes only), designed to provide both the funds for the purchase and also for the repairs. The benefit of using hard money is it allows you to leverage your money so you can borrow more with less down, close faster than with any other type of financing, and put another set of expert eyes on the property, lowering your risk and maximizing your return in the deal.

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Hilton Financial Corporation focuses on investment real estate financing (often referred to as Hard Money Loans or Hard Money Financing). Our experienced staff has built a strong reputation of performance for our Borrowers.

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