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Hilton Financial Corporation (HFC) combines the experience and talent of some of the top mortgage, management and supervisory specialists available. Jack Hilton and Sue Watford each bring with them more than 35 years of administrative, customer service, and marketing experience. These seasoned veterans lead the Hilton team in our quest for excellence.

Utilizing Private Money/Hard Money financing with Hilton Financial should be a pleasant and rewarding experience. Our team strives for an experience that is conducive to the demands of an aggressive real estate market so you can maximize your return while seeking to limit exposure to loss.

Jack W. Hilton has been facilitating the financing, acquisition, and development of real estate projects in the Arizona market since 1976. His credentials include 40 years of experience in the local real estate market, where he has witnessed and participated in Arizona’s dramatic growth.

Mr. Hilton has been active as an owner of mortgage companies, a real estate brokerage and management company, a licensed broker dealer company, as well as construction and development companies. His infatuation with real estate industry started at a young age when he purchased his first small apartment complex at the age of 19. Shortly, thereafter, he built his first spec home, which lead to the construction and management of numerous small apartment buildings during the early to mid-1980s.

Mr. Hilton became a real estate lender in the early 1980s to assist, in part, the planning and acquiring, and financing for his own projects. As family members began to develop their own real estate projects and needed access to financing, Mr. Hilton decided to secure his Mortgage Brokers License. He received his first Mortgage Brokers License on October 1, 1983, which led to bigger and greater involvement in this exciting field.

Some of Mr. Hilton’s accomplishments include:

– Funding over 1 billion dollars of private money loans since 1990.
– Being instrumental in turning a local bank under Regulatory Enforcement in 1996 into a profitable financial institution. Rocky Mountain Bank went from a single branch location to seven, including five branches that were located in Super Walmarts. Under his leadership the bank grew from $20 million in assets to $130 million during an 8 year period. Mr. Hilton was a Director and Chairman of the bank. He transformed the bank from a privately-owned institution into a public bank listed on NASDAQ bulletin board.
– Being instrumental in formation of Metro Phoenix Bank in 2006 and currently serves as the Chairman and a Director of the Bank.
– Serving as the President, Director, Treasurer, and Secretary of numerous HOA associations.
– Owned and operated a licensed Broker Dealer Company specializing in private equity offerings.
– Raising millions of dollars in the syndication of mortgage loans and real estate projects.
– Developing numerous subdivisions through various stages of planning – from the initial design and preliminary platting process, to acquiring subdivisions that already had preliminary or final plats – and then completing the actual onsite development.
Mr. Hilton is currently the Chairman and President of Hilton Financial Corporation, Managing Member of AZ Community Development, LLC a recently formed land development company, acting as the Designated Broker for Hilton Realty Corporation, and Chairman and President of Phoenix MGP, Inc., which serves as the General Partner and/or Manager of numerous entities.

Jack Hilton II is a licensed mortgage loan originator in the state of Arizona. He is an ASU graduate, summa cum laude, who grew up in the real estate industry.

He began making mortgage loans with Hilton Financial in 2000 and has experience overseeing rentals, renovations, and spec construction projects. His active memberships include the Arizona Association of Mortgage Professionals and the Arizona Private Lenders Association, serving the latter as a board member.

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