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The principals of Hilton Financial Corporation “HFC” have been funding private money “bridge” loans since 1980. HFC is a licensed mortgage broker, specializing in originating private money real estate loans that are sold to private investors.

The mission of HFC is to provide timely real estate loans for the acquisition of distress sale real estate. These projects will primarily be located in Arizona.

This type of financing is considered “opportunity” financing. Typically, the borrowers will use this type of financing on properties banks won’t touch or can’t finance in time to meet your window of opportunity.

The properties/projects, which HFC finances, should have good profit margins, since private money / hard money financing is higher in both interest rates and loan fees than typical bank financing.

Our mission is to fund the loan and then assign it to  private investors who want to earn an above market interest rate on a well-secured deed of trust.

Our dedication to these investors is second-to-none.  We provide a high level of service throughout the term of their loans.

By providing quick response funding at reasonable prices to borrowers, and well-secured deeds of trust to private investors, the principals of HFC have earned a reputation for exemplary performance.

Guiding you to the right investment loan.

Hilton Financial Corporation focuses on investment real estate financing (often referred to as Hard Money Loans or Hard Money Financing). Our experienced staff has built a strong reputation of performing for our Borrowers.

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