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Hilton has extensive experience in lending to real estate professionals who purchase property in distress sale situations that are “fixed and flipped” or held for rental income. Hilton also offers financing for small to medium-sized builders for the purchase and development of commercial residential property, including the construction of model and spec homes. These loans are secured by Trust Deed Investments or Mortgage Investments on the real property and are available for purchase by investors seeking yields in excess of those available on bank issued certificates of deposit. Click Here for more information about how we structure our investments.

To receive our periodic inventory sheet emails with information on individual trust deeds and mortgages available for purchase, please scroll down to our questionnaire form or click here to Get Started. You are also welcome to call us at 602-375-8951 or 1-800-832-1771 to speak with a live.

Invest in a Mortgage Pool

By investing in Private Investors Mortgage Fund I LLC you become the bank! This is an opportunity to take advantage of investing in Trust Deeds and Mortgages without doing all of the work yourself.

By investing in the fund, you eliminate the problem of finding an individual deed of trust or mortgage to purchase outright for the exact amount of money you have to place.

With a low entry investment of $25,000 you can get started and add to your membership ownership as additional funds become available during our marketing period, which is expected to be one year.

Mortgage pool investments are limited to Accredited Investors. Click Here for more information or to see if you qualify. Also, you can speak with us directly at 602-375-8951 or 1-800-832-1771 toll free.

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Hilton Financial Corporation focuses on investment real estate financing (often referred to as Hard Money Loans or Hard Money Financing). Our experienced staff has built a strong reputation of performance for our Borrowers.

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